Business Lending

Business Lending

  • Commercial Purchases
  • Equipment Finance
  • Refinance of existing debt loads
  • Workflow Capital 
  • Existing & Start up funding
  • Venture Capital

If you are looking at business term lending with a major bank or non bank financier for commercial purchases or upgrades or additions to current secured or non secured lending please let us know. 

If your business needs any form of new equipment to either replace older assets or to take on growth, we can assist you with a streamlined finance facility. An Asset Finance loan will allow you to get the equipment that you need now to either increase your efficiency or take on new work to continue growing..

We provide a full range of finance that is both tax efficient and flexible to meet your business needs.

Whatever your industry, we can help with a solution for items such as general machinery, forklifts, materials handling, engineering equipment, compressors, water cleaning equipment, packaging & production equipment etc.

Talk to us today to get a quote and assistance with getting a pre-approval in place that you are then free to use whenever you need.